Lions and Tigers and Bears

Some random animals: a fox, a lemur, and a hot dog *ba dum tish*


Why the long face?

Some Basset Hounds! I love how wrinkly they are with their droopy eyes.


Hog's Warts

Random drawing impulse, Big fan of Rowling's amazing books!


'New Friend'

Hey check it out! Sexy Goth Girl via Autodestruct! Thanks man! Decided to have some fun in retaliation and use one of his monsters here until I get the chance to do some better fan art.


Dark Portrait

Something a bit more detailed this time! Photoshop.
-Background from CG textures


On the run...

Hey Hey! A chase scene. Was going to upload this last night but blogger was giving me some problems. Yay for technology that works!


Snips and Snails

In addition to the little girl, decided to give her an equally devious older brother.


Sugar and Spice

More character expression work! No big kids mess with her.