Flying Ace

Hey art! Caught a nasty flu that hung around for about a week, finally around and about again. Different sort of Halloween sketch, always loved 'The great pumpkin' when I was little - Snoopy copyright to Charles Schultz of course!
\**Another random dog sketch - German Shepherd


Lost in the forest

Little Red Riding Hood - Different twist to the story



A little dragon from my sketchbook today.


It's a jungle out there...

Been working on some animal studies, here's a sampling from my sketchbook.


Dog Days

After I do a bunch of serious studies I always feel the need to draw something silly to balance everything out! Some big eyed dogs: a Boston terrier and a Pug.


The joy of painting

Continuing with an art challenge I had been a part of did these shape/color studies. Lots of fun and very educational. Nice to paint loose for a change. As per the challenge photo-reference was used, these images were not made for commercial use or distribution and the image contents are copyright to their original photographers.