Next 3 + Spots

Hello all!

Finally another Potter update,

3 more line-works waiting for final tweaks and color.

And some color work on my spot illustrations - still need a bit more work but they're coming together!
Getting ready for finals so things are crazy. but all around progress is being made and now that several line-works are being finalized some serious painting is about to start around here. All very exciting. More updates to come.


Next 5

More Potter Project coming soon! Making some exciting progress, for now here's a fun (very quick) challenge I did with the ever awesome Paul of autodestruct:
You find a random photo from the web, and use it as the first panel in a storyboard, then you build from the original image and come up with the "next 5 shots" You wind up with a six panel sequence.

The original idea found:

And you can see Paul's here.
Once I saw his nice clean layout I stole it.
I just love seeing people's different take on the same project and this prompt is addictive. Go make 5 panels!


Post Service

Some quick pen/ink - marker sketches from this afternoon, owls!


Snakes and Spots

My first round of work for the Potter portfolio project! In this post we have...
My line-work and final color test for my Chamber of Secrets cover:

My first attempt at designing spots/chapter title images:

And my some experimental designs for a Quidditch Snitch and a Snidget (info about Snidgets here): These are the first of many,
my sketchbook is delightfully brimming with strange HP details.
For those of you curious why I'm working on Potter themed art I'm simply using one of my
favorite book series as the creative juices while I learn about creating more complex
compositions. This allows me to play with fun subject while sharpening my
design skills and keep me excited about such a big project. Thus far it has been
oodles of fun and I'm very excited about the progress I've made thus far.

How about you blog readers? Any HP objects/scenes you'd be interested in
seeing made into spots?



Coming soon to this blog near you...

My Thesis Project. Sketches, Designs, and 12 paintings created by yours truly, aided by my talented and awe-inspiring thesis advisor, the one and only Donato Giancola. Get ready for news and real time posts from the making of...

The Potter Portfolio Project.

Excited yet? You should be.

"Eliza" Book Project

Hello again!

Well fall is upon us (which means the new school year for those of us still in academia-land).

Now that were back and in the swing of things I have some new work to share from our first big show of the year.

Over the summer we were given the exciting and daunting task of creating an original book, and I decided to take my Victorian-Gothic-Girl (now officially named Eliza!) and take her project to the next level. She now has her own story and first introductory story-book which details her character and how she came to have her orange cat sidekick.

Here are samples from the final project:

I'm very pleased with how this first go at a story-book for her character has gone. There are still a few things that need ironing out but hopefully I should have the whole project available soon and may very well release it has an e-book or bound portfolio that you can order.

Also for your viewing pleasure a photo from the show of my display!

New Book!

Hey everyone!

Lots of exciting new projects here and on the horizon.

First - the big project that I was working on with my amazing Scholastic team over the summer:

"I grew up to be President" written by Laurie Calkhoven, is an exciting educational book about the presidents of the United States, their personal histories, and how they became the great leaders they grew-up to be.

I learned some great things white doing research and working on the art for this book, for example: Rutherford B. Hayes had the first telephone installed in the white house, Abraham Lincoln used to carry around paperwork in his tall hat, and Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans and used to keep a bowl of them on his desk. The book is full of those fun facts, I'm very excited to see this one in print!



Hey Everyone,

New experiment of mine, for the past few months I've been brushing up on my hand-lettering as a fun side project (My sketchbooks have as much writing as they are drawing lately.)
I threw this piece together as part of some promotional material.


New things.

Well hello there blog readers,
I've been a busy little bee and finally have some updates for you!
I'm *gasp* a mere few weeks away from being halfway though my masters degree program and have been living it up in my big city digs. I have been doing lots of new work and trying new things.
Check out this piece for example, for our school's Health center:

Trying a new style for some of my pieces with a quicker deadline.
Also the return of some favorites! Here's a teaser sample from my next big project, my victorian goth kids are about to get taken to the next level with their own story:

Lots of fun things to come! And lots of new work this summer, I'm working on another book that should be very exciting. Thanks for keeping up with everything!