Inkings and Tiny Chickens

Haloo RZ'eaders,

Microbes have delayed my Inktober postings, it's hard to be creative and draw while suffering from the common cold, or it is for me anyway... but here are some things I have gotten done over the past few days while using up a whole box of tissues.

A plan for a new painting, some random animals and a portrait of my sick self as a joke image for a family member. For those of you who haven't yet heard of "Tiny Chicken Disease" here's a link to the description and a video explaining. The chickens in the drawing are based on one of the most adorable series of children's books ever - Minerva Louise, check them out they are the most adorable illustrated chickens ever.
Now that I'm on the mend hopefully more drawings!


First Flight

Evening RZ'eaders

Today was my first time attending a National Portfolio Days event as a professor (I had attended as a student years ago!) and boy what a rush! So many great students and parents. It was a fantastic fast paced day. But unfortunately I had NO time for inking. But just to make sure I don't fall behind on my posting here is a sketch from yesterday. I may ink it and another piece tomorrow if I have time to catch up.


Royal Highness

Cheerio RZ'eaders,

Corgis are just about some of the cutest dogs on the planet, here's my regal version for Inktober day 5!


Bats and Icecream

Greetings RZ'eaders!

Inktober Day 4 and I am now caught up! Going to try to keep up with the one a day from now on!
Still working on my mark-making and shading, I had honestly forgotten how long it had been since I had inked any of my sketches. Anyway here they are!



Hello RZ'eaders!

Well it's that time of year again. Fall is in the air... crisp mornings, gentle rains, the colors changing, pumpkin spice lattes everywhere....
It is also Inktober! That special time of year when a group of artists celebrate the medium of ink and creative drawing - working to produce one ink piece a day for the whole month! (Or as close to as possible.)
I have decided to do my darn'dest to participate this year, I never seem to have time for projects like NaNoWriMo but I think I can pull off a ink sketch pretty often. I also think this will drastically help my sketch ethic and posting habits, a bit of a pick-me-up if you will.

Without further adieu my first two sketches! Two tomorrow and I will be on-track!

I plan to experiment with different Inking methods (The dragon is brush-pen and the skeleton is microns) to test for time, line-weight and consistency of mark-making. Also practicing my black/white tones and shadow shapes. Happy Inktober everyone!