The Great Pumpkin!

Happy Halloween everyone! Obviously Halloween is Eliza's favorite holiday... Enjoy and best wishes to everyone effected by Sandy.


Eliza - Developing a look

While working on larger projects I try to always take time to develop my personal projects and I'm still working on "Eliza" and her story whenever I get the chance.
Lately I've been working on developing Eliza's look. I'm very happy with the work I've done with her so far, but I think I've gotten to a point where I'm limited by her original design. (Also, I think the pig-tails were a bit too cliche...)

So here are some new ideas I've been playing with, for both a new hair style and a new more expressive face structure. Not sold on anything yet but I think I'm headed in the right direction!

Chinese Cookbook

Recently I was able to take part in an exciting project with a talented local chef who is looking to produce his first cookbook. Chef Cy Young is an extremely talented personal chef who has lived in and traveled throughout Southeast Asia. He has brought back and translated his favorite recipes, making them health conscious while maintaining fantastic flavors. (And I can tell you from experience his recipes are wonderful!) 
Here's a preview for everyone of the cover I helped design for him. The first image is some of the runner-up sketches (which I'm still very fond of):

The second image is the final design we decided upon. Behold the marvelous bok choy! Chef Cy wanted something clean and traditional and this is his favorite layout. The book "Chinese Cooking for Americans" should be available soon and I highly recommend it if you're a fan of great healthy Chinese cuisine. Visit his website for information and future news!


I must go down to the seas again...

A new portfolio piece, I learned a lot about boats for this painting which was fun and enlightening. I didn't grow up anywhere near the ocean so it has always been a foreign and beautiful thing to me.

Both the full piece and a close-up. - Photoshop


More Spots

Alright everyone Potter Project is winding down! New spots on the webpage!

Check out the previous post for info about my show and where to see these in NYC.


Potter Progress

Well blog readers it's almost the end of the school year and I am proud to announce I am nearly finished with my Potter work. Here are some final results to dazzle you with! The full project can be found on my new website page "Potter Project"

One of my giant final covers - these pieces took quite some time to finish but I have learned so so so much by making them. They are by far the most complex visual narrative pieces I have created to date and I am so pleased with how they have turned out. The success I've had with these makes me very excited about my future work and how far I can push myself.
The accompanying spots are likewise being cleaned up and polished as we speak. I'll be posting the rest on my webpage as I finish them real time.

All of this of course will be on display (for those in New York City) here:
Class of 2012 MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Show

The MFA SVA Illustration Thesis Show! April 27th through May 12th. Be there or be square!


A quick spot illustration inspired by an article about how feelings of gratitude can enhance people's quality of life and combat feelings of aggression.


Location Drawings

This spring I've had the fun opportunity to take a 'drawing on location' class - we've been traveling about the city drawing at different locals observing people doing day to day things. These are some of my latest drawings done of the farmer's market and general goings on in Union Square.

The drawings were done on Heavyweight Drawing Paper with Brush-Pen, Color Spots added later with Photoshop just for fun.


I've been busy with so many technical drawings these little guys have been popping up in my sketchbook as their own sort of cute therapy. Foxes and Wolves - Some dancing!

Philosopher Sketch

Latest Cover Drawing - all cleaned up and ready for color.
More updates coming soon!