Working on some 360's, for now enjoy a creepy scarecrow. I love Halloween and had lots of fun with the design, so I decided to make him a fake game concept 'haunting,' and I will most likely be making him some fellow scary things and maybe some environments to skulk around in.

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underfoot said...

I'm biased towards pumpkin-themed art, but I really dig what you've done here. Silhouette is nicely asymmetrical...forms are all readable. Noose is a great character accent, and the sickle fills the space between the front/side nicely. You've made something that could have easily been stale and stiff into something fun and lifelike. Going that extra mile is what will separate you from the legions of others. I do think you could have pushed the proportions even more drastically, and possibly given him a more slouched, menacing posture...but at this point, I'm just trying to round out the feedback. If this is your first turnaround sheet, you should be proud.