New things.

Well hello there blog readers,
I've been a busy little bee and finally have some updates for you!
I'm *gasp* a mere few weeks away from being halfway though my masters degree program and have been living it up in my big city digs. I have been doing lots of new work and trying new things.
Check out this piece for example, for our school's Health center:

Trying a new style for some of my pieces with a quicker deadline.
Also the return of some favorites! Here's a teaser sample from my next big project, my victorian goth kids are about to get taken to the next level with their own story:

Lots of fun things to come! And lots of new work this summer, I'm working on another book that should be very exciting. Thanks for keeping up with everything!


Daniel Fishel said...

Love the zen like creativity piece

Rebar said...

I love your little toy monsters, Becky! :) Very cute.

RZIllustration said...

Thank you both!