Hey Everyone,

New experiment of mine, for the past few months I've been brushing up on my hand-lettering as a fun side project (My sketchbooks have as much writing as they are drawing lately.)
I threw this piece together as part of some promotional material.


New things.

Well hello there blog readers,
I've been a busy little bee and finally have some updates for you!
I'm *gasp* a mere few weeks away from being halfway though my masters degree program and have been living it up in my big city digs. I have been doing lots of new work and trying new things.
Check out this piece for example, for our school's Health center:

Trying a new style for some of my pieces with a quicker deadline.
Also the return of some favorites! Here's a teaser sample from my next big project, my victorian goth kids are about to get taken to the next level with their own story:

Lots of fun things to come! And lots of new work this summer, I'm working on another book that should be very exciting. Thanks for keeping up with everything!