"Eliza" Book Project

Hello again!

Well fall is upon us (which means the new school year for those of us still in academia-land).

Now that were back and in the swing of things I have some new work to share from our first big show of the year.

Over the summer we were given the exciting and daunting task of creating an original book, and I decided to take my Victorian-Gothic-Girl (now officially named Eliza!) and take her project to the next level. She now has her own story and first introductory story-book which details her character and how she came to have her orange cat sidekick.

Here are samples from the final project:

I'm very pleased with how this first go at a story-book for her character has gone. There are still a few things that need ironing out but hopefully I should have the whole project available soon and may very well release it has an e-book or bound portfolio that you can order.

Also for your viewing pleasure a photo from the show of my display!

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