Snakes and Spots

My first round of work for the Potter portfolio project! In this post we have...
My line-work and final color test for my Chamber of Secrets cover:

My first attempt at designing spots/chapter title images:

And my some experimental designs for a Quidditch Snitch and a Snidget (info about Snidgets here): These are the first of many,
my sketchbook is delightfully brimming with strange HP details.
For those of you curious why I'm working on Potter themed art I'm simply using one of my
favorite book series as the creative juices while I learn about creating more complex
compositions. This allows me to play with fun subject while sharpening my
design skills and keep me excited about such a big project. Thus far it has been
oodles of fun and I'm very excited about the progress I've made thus far.

How about you blog readers? Any HP objects/scenes you'd be interested in
seeing made into spots?

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Chemin Hsiao said...

That's pretty, Becca :)